10 Minutes + (100 Minutes) Free trial call from Rebtel

Rebtel is a fomous name by now, which allow you to make calls to India (anywhere in the world also) simply by dialing a local phone number.

Rebtel is providing 10 Mins of free calls worldwide including India (Your first call is free) These 10 mins are limited to each phone number.

What you have to do to make 10 Minutes + (100Mins) of free trial call?

Please select your country and the nearest city and then give your phone number, by which you are going to make a call, this will be your login. Please choose your PIN, only numbers between 4-12 Digits. You can use your any e-mail ID for the registration.

2. After registration, It will ask you to add your friends number, Add the number, where you want to call. It will only ask for name and phone number, (no need of email)

3. Once you add the number, rebtel will provide you a local number and tell you to make a call.

4. Take your phone (which you used for registratoin) and call to that number. The indian phone will ring.

(It looks little bit tedious, but its simple, it will take only one min to register and one min to add a phone, no verification is required. Please leave your comment, if you have any problem, I will help you to correct it) If you are still confused, read the first comment, it is a chat conversation between me and my friend to setup his account to make first 10 mins of free calls. By reading it, it would be more easier for you.

5. Refer it to atleast 50 friends, so that from each friend you can earn five thank you mins.

Please note that it works with the registered phones only. if you call the same local number from another number, it will not work.

Please do not forget to refer your friends to earn more free minutes. More referrals, more earning.

How rebtel works?
Rebtel works in complicated way. First you have to register your phone from where you are going to make free trial, after registration, you have to add Indian number that you want to call, rebtel will provide you a local number, Please save this number, whenever you will call to this local number, your call will be connected to India.
For Eg. You are living in US and have a number +14041231234 and want to make a call to +914429876543. You have to register with +14041231234 and add +914429876543 as your friend. Rebtel will provide you a local US number starting with +1XXXXXXXXXX depending on the location you have chosen. Once you call this number from +14041231234, The Indian phone will ring and the call will be connected.

Top 10 VOIP Phones

Voice Over Internet Protocol is one of the emerging technologies these days. With the improved technology that puts aside various complaints, VOIP is surely attracting heads with unimaginably cheap call rates. But before you proceed any further, you need to know about the market leaders who provide the best technology under best price. Let me share the list of top 10 most efficient VOIP phones in the market.

1. Linksys WIP300


  • Uses the 802.11g Wi-Fi network to give high-quality VoIP
  • Support SIP protocols for signaling
  • Screen display is large and full-colored
  • Use and configuration are easy
  • Provides security features like WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption.

2. Philips VOIP4332 VOIP


  • Connecting to both your normal phone line and your PC’s USB port
  • Can serve as both handsome wireless phone and extension of Windows Live Messenger
  • Call your contacts for free, or sign up with Vonage to make cheap calls over the internet
  • When your PC’s off, the handsets act as standard landline telephones.

3. Nokia N95 8GB


This phone is best for the business people

  • Fast internet connection with 3G; HSDPA and WLAN.
  • VoIP app can be easily downloaded from a 3rd party provider
  • Option of making a standard cell call or to use VoIP
  • When you select a contact from your contacts list, the phone prompts you to select either ‘Internet Call’ or ‘Voice Call’
  • Automatically detects if the phone is in Wi-Fi area and connects to the SIP server. Even if you leave the area and come back later; it will automatically reconnect.
  • Excellent VoIP sound quality
  • Stable connections irrespective of call duration
  • Good battery backup even when making VOIP Calls

4. Cisco 7920

This phone is for corporate environments, unless you are using devices like Cisco-built routers or ATAs.

  • easy-to-use IEEE 802.11b wireless IP phone that provides comprehensive voice communications in conjunction with Cisco CallManager and Cisco Aironet 1200, 1100, 350, and 340 series of Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) access points.
  • Seamless and intelligent features such as security, quality of service (QoS), mobility and advanced management; but it works best within Cisco-equiped networks.

5. Nokia E71

This is a phone for the on the go businessmen with full QWERTY keyboard for messaging.

  • High-speed internet connectivity through 3G; HSPDA and WLAN
  • Nokia PC internet access as standard giving the phone the capability to act as a data modem
  • Handy shortcut to Gizmo so the internet calling setup is very easy.
  • Chat and instant messaging; Quick Office and an over-the-air (OTA) download facility.
  • Outstanding voice quality.

6. Netgear SPH-101 Skype Phone


The world’s first Wi-Fi Skype handset

  • Call anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world for free, no PC required
  • Make and receive Skype phone calls where you have access to a wireless Internet signal
  • Connect to any landline or mobile phone outside of the Skype network for pennies per minute
  • Manage your contact list and display who is available to talk
  • All calls are secure and encrypted with WEP and WPA-PSK Wi-Fi security

7. Linksys CIT200


The Linksys CIT200 wireless IP phone is a rather cheap phone for the quality it provides

  • Wireless handset supports incoming, outgoing and messaging with a free Skype account (required)
  • Handset includes Caller ID screen, speakerphone, intercom and call waiting
  • Comes with a charger and handset, which supports SkypeOut dialing.
  • The phone base connected through USB and the handset is cordless. It has a color screen.Linksys
  • Supports up to four handsets


8. Belkin Skype WiFi Handset


Belkin’s latest VoIP offering doesn’t feel as solid as Netgear’s SPH-101 Skype Phone, but can’t be beaten on price.

  • Enjoy free unlimited phone calls over Wi-Fi networks without your PC
  • Skype Certified to work just like your existing Skype account
  • Connect to any secured or open access WiFi network that does not require browser-based authentication
  • Exceptional Voice Quality
  • WEP, WPA and WPA2 Supported


9. Nokia E51


It is the cheapest Nokia VoIP cell phone.

  • either use the built-in Nokia Internet Calling Application or you can download a compatible 3rd party application from your preferred VoIP service provider.
  • Displays the calling options when you select a contact, letting you choose whether you want to make a voice; video or internet call.
  • High-speed internet connectivity with 3G; WLAN and HSDPA
  • Use your favourite instant messaging applications like Yahoo; AOL and MSN.
  • Quick Office and Macromedia PDF; supports Windows Live Hotmail and meets most multimedia requirements.
  • Great signal strength and voice quality, even when using internet calling.
  • Battery life is well above par with approximately 4 hours of talk time and around 3 days of standby when the phone is constantly connected to a VoIP server.

10. Siemens C460 IP Phone


This is a good Cordless IP and Landline Phone but is not compatible with Skype

  • Compatible with all SIP providers like Sipgate and VoIP Cheap
  • Easy to switch between internet and fixed-line calls by just pressing a button.
  • Conveniently select the internet telephony provider you prefer on the handset’s illuminated display
  • Quality of Service (QoS) for superb internet telephony quality

How To Make Cheap and Free Calls On Your BlackBerry?

If you are a BlackBerry user and want to reap the benefits of cheap and free calls through VoIP on your BlackBerry, here are some options for you. VoIP allows you to make free and cheap calls both locally and internationally. VoIP also comes with a lot more features.
  • BlackBerry WLAN Solution
    RIM (Research In Motion), the creator of BlackBerry, is making models that are part of a wireless LAN solution, working on 802.11 networks (e.g. Wi-Fi). An example is the BlackBerry 7270 handheld, which connects through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to allow VoIP along with many other applications like email, IM, Internet and intranet etc. It is made to work with IP-PBXs such that it can have the functionality of a desktop phone. It interoperates with the PBX using SIP-based controls. If you want this, you will have to make sure that you buy a model that comes with the above specifications.

    This option is device-based, and is made to suit businesses and people aiming at deploying mobile VoIP over wireless LANs. Below are third-party implementations of VoIP on BlackBerry, that are mostly software-based.

  • Truphone
    Truphone VoIP service for BlackBerry is very good in at least two ways: the local and international rates are among the cheapest, starting at 6 cents for common destinations (calls between Truphone users are free); and secondly even if you have no data plan or Wi-Fi connection, you can still make VoIP calls with the service. Review
  • Yeigo
    Yeigo is a free VoIP application for mobile phones, allowing voice calls, chat, instant message and SMS using your mobile phone, while cutting down the usual cost down to as low as 20 %. Review

  • Vopium
    Vopium is a mobile VoIP service that offers cheap international calls through GSM and VoIP, without necessarily having a data plan (GPRS, 3G etc.) or Wi-Fi connection. If you do have any of the latter, you can make free calls to other users using the same networks. Review

  • Raketu's BlackBerry VoIP service
    This Raketu service allows BlackBerry users to make cheap international calls, as well as sending email and text messages using the same browser-based application from Raketu. There is no need to download any software. Just load the application on your browser and use it.

  • EQO Mobile
    EQO Communications is a developer of mobile applications for VoIP, and it's new application for Skype, EQO Mobile can transform your BlackBerry into a cheap or free calling device. EQO is compatible with all major IM services: MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, QQ, ICQ and Jabber.

  • WebMessenger Mobile For Skype
    This is a free downloadable application that allows you to take Skype along with you on your BlackBerry, along with all its all its features, including the ability to make free and cheap calls. A cheap paid version of the application comes with some added features.

  • Skype for BlackBerry
    Skype has a lite version for Blackberry, which offers calling, SMS, presence and contacts management. Skype for BlackBerry requires a cellular plan and a data plan.